Greetings, Church.

Well, my office is mostly packed, loose ends are being tied up, and this coming Sunday I will be saying “farewell” to you. I am looking forward to this last Sunday with you, and our fellowship together after church, even as I am also dreading the sadness that comes along with leaving people that you love.

Thank you for the love that you have showed me. It is not every pastor that gets to serve people that she loves so much, and gets to know how much she is loved from the very beginning of her pastorate with a congregation.

I pray that love will continue to sustain and guide you as you move forward. I hope that I am leaving behind some of the care and encouragement that I have shared with you over our last year together, and that you will always remember that God loves you, God loves them, and that every piece of our journey is important.

The sermon on Sunday was on the last segment of Micah 6:8: walk humbly with your God. When we remember humility, and we remember that we are on a journey, walking with God, we can be assured that the work is not only ours. The work is not all mine, nor all yours. God’s love in the world is a work of all of us together, in this congregation and all over the world. God’s transformation will continue, making beauty and purpose out of every step along the way.

Thank you for walking this journey with me. I love you!


Pastor Katherine