July 26, 2016


It was a strange Sunday. There had been a pipe break on Saturday, and the water to the church had to be turned off. No water means no restrooms, which means no church on Sunday. Possibilities had gone through my mind on Saturday – could we get porta-potties? Could we worship in another space, another church’s Fellowship Hall maybe? Could we have “house churches” in people’s homes, maybe with the Sunday School groups organizing them? Clergy friends have talked about how they “met” online before – sharing prayer needs or stories or scripture discussion on Facebook when their services had to be canceled due to weather. Another congregation chose a particular alternate church to attend, and invited parishioners to join together at that service.

But no, none of those options felt right for our context. We are spread out, and it’s stressful to coordinate and find something new together. So the suggestion I gave was to attend worship at another congregation of your choosing, experience something different, and gain new perspective on worship.

Of course, another option was to take a Sunday off from communal worship. To stay at home and find out how God speaks to you during that type of Sabbath. Maybe by stopping and resting, you found time for something you’ve been wanting to do. Maybe something good was able to catch up to you. Or maybe you felt “off,” and your desire for worship in the Body of Christ was reaffirmed.

I would very much like to hear about your experiences. Call me and tell me about it, and talk about it together in Sunday School together. What did you experience on your Sunday away from First Christian? God speaks and works through all things. What did God say to you on your Sabbath day?