Pray and Vote

It is Election Day. A day when millions are lined up at polling places to register their vote for the next President of the United States and their local government offices. A day that will end (at some point, it will end!) with news of who we as a country have chosen to be our next leaders.

I pray that there be no violence as we mark our votes.

I pray that conversations in those lines engender relationship rather than quick division of “I’m right and you’re wrong.”

I pray that we learn about each other’s cares and fears and listen to them with open hearts and minds.

Tomorrow, I want to rejoice in a process that went smoothly and in our ability as a country to move forward together.

I am tired of being afraid of “what might happen.” I have decided not to despair, but to focus on God’s love for each and every person. God loves all of the candidates in this election cycle.

God loves you, Hillary Clinton. God loves you, Donald Trump.

God loves you, Trump-supporter. God loves you, Clinton-supporter. God loves you, person who does not vote, who votes for a third-party candidate, who writes in a name not listed on the ballot.

God loves you. And I desire God’s love to direct the ways I interact with the world.

I am traveling to Washington, DC today to participate in a Board of Directors meeting of the Disciples Home Missions ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In our nation’s capital, I will rejoice in freedom and fellowship.

Tomorrow, I will focus on the work of the church as we learn how to increase and grow God’s love in the world through mission, relationship, learning, and justice work.

So this Election Day and day-after, I will put my mind to joy and to going forward with God always there to transform, resurrect, direct, and love me into hope and faith when I am tending towards despair.

Thank you, Lord.

~Pastor Katherine


Prayer (from Council on Christian Unity, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Out of gratitude for your many gifts, O God, and trusting in your abiding faithfulness…

We pray for our president elect, that they will lead our country with strength and compassion; that they may represent the very best of the United States around the globe; that they may be committed to justice and peace, and bringing our nation together to address our challenges.

We pray for our governors and legislators, that they will be responsive to their whole constituency and enact laws that ensure the well-being of all the people they represent.

We pray for all others elected to public office, that their service to their people would be just and beyond reproach; that where ever they serve in local government, schools, or law enforcement, they would treat all people with dignity and serve the common good.

We pray for our nation, our cities, and our neighborhoods, that together we can create a place where all people are respected and safe, where difference of opinion does not lead to violence, and where our combined creativity heals brokenness of all kinds.

We pray also that regardless of the outcome of this Election Day, we would remember that we are called by Christ to care for our neighbor, pursue peace and work for justice in our communities.  Inspire us to work together, across divisions and difference, to create beloved community where ever we can.

Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.