Come Grow with Us: Trees Start with Seeds Luke 13:18-19


As we continue in our season of Stewardship emphasis, we are listening for where God is inviting us to come and grow.

The first week we learned about the Four Biblical Principles of Stewardship:

Give first. Give regularly. Give proportionately. Give cheerfully.

Last week we learned about three principles of seeds. At First Christian, we are stewards and caretakers of the seeds that God has planted in our ground for the benefit for future people and generations.

Three Principles of Seeds

·       Seeds both disturb and strengthen the ground in which they are planted. Growing roots displace dirt. They also keep it stable.

·       Seeds need nourishment.

·       We plant seeds because we are hopeful about what they will become, not because of their immediate benefit.

Where are we planting seeds because of our hope for the future? Where are our seeds growing?

New Beginnings process – In this study process for “Mission Redefinition,” we are asking ourselves, “How can we use our resources to serve our community, now and in the future?” The question is a seed, the process is nourishment, and the answer will be our future tree!

Transitions shelter – Our gifts of socks, underwear, and winter clothing provide “seeds” of dignity and warmth to folks trying to get their lives back.

Farmer’s Market – Our smiles and gifts of cold water planted seeds of hospitality this winter. Who knows what those seeds will grow in the world? Maybe the smile that we gave someone was a seed for peace and comfort in their lives that will be passed on around the world.

Trees start with Seeds. Let us give our seeds to God, and water them with excitement about the life they will give to those beyond us.

We will be blessed in the caretaking.

~Pastor Katherine