Moving Forward...

Here we are Church in the familiar, yet uncomfortable, “in between” time, searching for an interim Pastor and wondering what will become of us.  Thank God for His Presence in our present and our future. 

While we are searching, there are some practical issues that must be addressed so that God's Church, First Christian Church, may continue to function properly.  First, the office hours for our Administrative Assistant are the following:

  • Monday- Wednesday:    9:00 am to 12:00 noon
  • Thursdays:   1:00 pm  to 4:00 pm

When the office is closed, please contact the following with concerns and emergencies:

  • Eleanor Davis, Board Moderator  
  • Laura Chacknes, Chair of Elders   

Any concerns with reference to building and grounds please contact:

  • Hal Guyon, Chair of Property      

The Search Committee has chosen Jeanette Bergeron as Chair.  The members of the Committee are Allison Boggs, Laura Chacknes, Mel Medlin and Merle Slayton.  They will be reviewing our Congregational Profile and meeting with our Regional Minister for training and to begin the process.  Please keep these people in your prayers as they work on your behalf.

You are needed to help the leaders of God's Church, First Christian Church, to remember that God is the Big Boss and that, according to the scripture we read last Sunday, we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously

and we should take God seriously. Please pray for the leaders of the Church including the Executive Committee consisting of Eleanor Davis, Chair; Wade Guyon, Vice-Chair; Nancy Raley, Secretary; and Jeanette Bergeron, Treasurer.  We also request your help when asked, we're all in the “between times” together.

Please continue to pray for us, the body of Christ, First Christian Church that we may follow His commands to love God with everything we've got and to love all people as we love ourselves.  See you in Church this Sunday with Louie Crouch bringing the Word to us. 


Eleanor Davis